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Our History

Electric Forklift - Nichiyu Asialift Philippines, Incorporated

Nichiyu invented the Platter reach forklift truck, our flagship product,

in Japan in 1937.  


The Platter was named because it was commonly used on train

station platforms in the years following its development.

This name has been adopted throughout Japan as the generic

name for the reach forklift truck.


Nichiyu boosts a wide assortment of models with capacities ranging from

0.9 to 4 metric tons. It is available in numerous variations including a

side-loading model, multidirectional model, and a cold environment specification. Sales exceed 170,000 units during the 50 years

this product has been in production.



We began exporting the Platter around 1965. It has long been a top-selling product and has been widely adopted in many countries, primarily in Asia,​ as the optimal truck for handling

cargo inside warehouses.

Electric Forklift - Nichiyu Asialift Philippines, Incorporated

Nichiyu developed Japan's first explosion-proof electric forklift in 1965.

In 1965, Nichiyu utilized its experience in the manufacture of explosion-proof electric locomotives for mines to develop Japan's first explosion-proof reach forklift truck.


While demonstrating the same class of function as Nichiyu's standard reach forklift trucks, this explosion-proof electric forklift featured an electrical system incorporating parts that met the explosion test requirements of the Industrial Safety Institute of the Ministry of Labor in effect at that time. This innovation enhanced the safety of material handling operations at sites in which forklift trucks handled explosive gases and flammable liquids.


The introduction of explosion-proof forklift trucks contributed significantly to the rationalization of material handling operations at sites where forklifts could not previously be used to handle propane and other explosive gases.


Company Profile

Nichiyu -  The pioneering creator of the eco-friendly electric forklift contributing to the creation of a prosperous society through logistics technologies.

Nichiyu, a leader in the industry and the first to develop a domestic electric forklift, has begun to develop storage and material handling technology designed to be environmentally friendly. By providing energy-saving machinery and equipment that limits carbon dioxide emissions, we are contributing to the creation of a prosperous and eco-friendly society.

our efforts on meeting this challenge.

Earning the Confidence of Our Customers

Since its established in 1937, Nichiyu has consistently provided logistics equipment that promotes the social mission of contributing to the improvement of physical distribution. More recently, it has become clear that the great strides achieved in globalization and information technology have also sparked a revolution in physical distribution.


Consequently, we must focus more closely on logistics from the perspective of corporate management.


Moreover, as in every field of industry, we must not neglect the need to strengthen our international competitiveness. The logistics sector is clearly demonstrating a growing need for systems capable of extracting even greater efficiencies.

In today's market, customer requirements for machinery and equipment are becoming more varied, as are the issues related to work sites. Modern logistics solutions must demonstrate the flexibility to accommodate the complexities of the site as well as the work conditions. At Nichiyu, we remain committed to delivering products that satisfy our customers by developing equipment and systems that adapt to increasingly stringent and complex demands. We fully recognize this as Nichiyu's adopted mission, and we will continue to focus our efforts on meeting this challenge.

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