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Electric Forklift in Manila - Nichiyu Asialift Philippines, Incorporated

Nichiyu is the pioneer in battery forklifts. Since developing the first battery forklift in Japan in 1937, we have spent more than 60 years refining and marketing a succession of outstanding models, each of which is capable of solving a particular loading or unloading issue.

As a manufacturer specializing in battery forklifts, we take pride in offering user-oriented products that ensure unmatched customer satisfaction.

Today, Nichiyu is proud of having garnered a leading share of the markets in Japan, China and Southeast Asia. Demand for battery forklifts is increasing worldwide in light of the growing interest in environmental issues. In the future, we will remain committed to developing products designed with the customer in mind while responding to the needs of the environment. Through this approach, we will contribute greatly to the efficiency of our customers’ businesses and contribute to the needs of environmental preservation around the world.

Recipient of the Good Design Award

The Nichiyu FB Series was awarded the Good Design Award

(G-Mark) at the selection process for the 2001 Good Design Award sponsored by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization. Our design was recognized for remaining faithful to basic objectives, and our approach of developing products that everyone can use safely and comfortably was evaluated highly. The Good Design Award is a distinguished award presented for products that are identified as having original and excellent design and contributing to an improved way of life. Receiving this award signifies that the FB Series has been recognized as a high-quality product.

Electric Forklift in Manila - Nichiyu Asialift Philippines, Incorporated
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